Everyone knows that , eating lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and grains are very healthy as we required protein and vitamins as well..

However are you sure..the healthy food You are eating is completely safe....

Think again?

The fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and grains that we are consuming today are highly contaminated with various insecticides, pesticides and chemicals, that can impact critically on your healthy life...

In this scenario washing fruits , vegetables , fish , meat and grains under running water is not enough to clean.

You need to do more....

To overcome this situation SMARTWAY introduces a perfect machine for a perfect washing as it kills bacteria and remove pesticides for healthy eating.

KORONA kitchen care is one of the safest disinfection system and sterilizer technology to clean and wash fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and grains without damaging them.

Another Advantage of Korona is this machine can also be used to sterilize water for cooking

KORONA kitchen care is a compact kitchen device and can fit any were in your kitchen

Time for a healthy and hygienic life.




Korona Sleek is designed specially for a complete family body and hair care solution. Main attention is considered for different types of skin toning and hair texture as per the ambient atmosphere, by inducting right dosage and timing of ozonation in water for germs and anxiety free body and hair care.

Korona draws molecules from the atmosphere. Which contains 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen, 1% other gases and gets ionized by passing through ionizer. Ionised molecules then start the sterilization process of ozone water. A steady stream of small molecule of O3 passed through the water and this process ozone takes away greasy dirt, bacteria and viruses from the skin.


KORONA Hybrid disinfection system is designed and developed to create a sensible and permanent solution to end up all health issues related to the usage of polluted water day by day. By using disinfected & Sterilized water by KORONA for all water necessities in a person's life, it would be the healthiest lifestyle ever!

Uniqueness of KORONA

  • 1. No Chemicals used
  • 2. Zero Pollution
  • 3. Low Operation Cost
  • 4. No Installation Cost
  • 5. Several times effective than conventional systems
  • 6. Eliminating bacteria (Including coliform), fungus and Chlorine.

Daily Usage Areas

Sterilize water for shower, @ 5 mins cut off for 5 to 10 ltr of water.

Disinfected water for washing and oral cleansing

Watering home plants for healthy leaves, flowers and fruits.


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